Beyond NIMBYs and YIMBYs – YIGBY says
“Yes In God’s Back Yard”

San Diego County

There are 1188 parcels in San Diego County zoned as religious use.

The Faith Community

The faith community holds over 4,675 acres of land much of it already zoned for housing.

Property Taxes

Most can accommodate residential with no property tax.

Adding residential units to this excess land is a way to create housing supply for our vulnerable populations while delivering revenue and relevance to our places of worship.

As cities grapple with where and how to build more affordable housing, identifying land that could support new development has become a top priority. One option that offers a potential solution: expanding the ability of religious institutions to build housing on their land. Churches, as well as other faith-based organizations, often own underutilized land and/or structures which could be used to expand the supply of affordable housing. Doing so would provide significant untapped benefits for the organization, from supporting the organization’s charitable mission to providing revenue that can stabilize the organization’s finances. READ MORE…

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